i am a young person with the world in front of me. i work in the design profession. i live by the beach and i have recently found myself surfing people’s blogs so i thought..might as well start one for myself!

the purpose of this blog is more for myself than others. in fact, i do not have an actual purpose for this blog. that is why i want to do it. i love well designed things, places, music, books, art, gardens, cities, houses, yards, bathrooms, bedrooms, doors, desks, cameras, shower heads, water bottles. YOU NAME IT. if it’s designed well..it intrigues me. and i want to share what i find, see, hear, create and discover with others.

i hope to incorporate an inspiring quote into each post as well..i have always loved the ‘quotable cards’, they always give me the goosebumps. so that part of the blog will be a little spin-off of that.

i can tell you what you will find here.

things that inspire me. do with it what you want. i hope that something you find here will inspire you too.

thanks for reading. 🙂