You love what you find time to do.” -unknown

Time…where does it go?  It’s gone within a blink of an eye!  Or at least that’s how I feel lately. I go to sleep at night with these grand ideas of how much I will get done the next day and before I know it the day is over and I have accomplished 1/4 of what I had hoped and have gone to sleep 2 hours later than I wanted!

How does one fit in everything they want to do before and after there full time jobs?  If I made a list in the morning of everything that I wanted to get accomplished I could probably do it…if I didn’t have that whole thing called WORK to attend.  Ya know that 8-10 hours a day that does not allow for the whole ‘me time’.  I must say, I feel lucky enough to work at a place that allows for a flexible, creative environment, i.e. listening to music at louder than acceptable volumes while also belting out the lyrics and occasionally starting a spontaneous rubber band or tape measure fight…these are things I will never take for granted.

But I often wonder, as I lay in bed feeling defeated by the clock, how do people keep there passions alive?  There is so much I want to do, make, see and hear on a daily basis.  I want to pursue new ideas and passions, stay fit and healthy, keep close relationships with family and friends and grow my new business…how does one manage all of these desires and a full time job? (not to mention a long term relationship?!)

The patient side of me says “I really need to just take it one day at a time, accept what I can accomplish and go to sleep satisfied”.  But the impatient, ambitious, impulsive and more present side of me says “just one more hour designing a new phone case, only one more page of the book, only a half hour run before dinner”.  This is the voice that always wins…and also the voice that defines me. So I must accept that I will most likely be up until wee hours of the night, cramming in as much as I can until the very last moment. Unless perhaps I win the lottery sometime soon and my schedule frees up…but then again, I would probably find enough to fill up those days too!