dreamy home studio spaces

“The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play” | Zen Master

As I lay here, in my not so Queen..or even King  (still slumbering in a Full) bed,  I dream of the day that I will have a space of my own(one that I do not share with 4 other roommates), large enough to allow for all of my necessities but small enough to still feel cozy.  The most exciting part of having my own space, whether it an apartment or house, will be having a home office/studio!  Right now I have a little white Ikea desk that inhabits a 2×4 ft space in my bedroom, for now it does the job, but as I cram papers, books, magazines and portfolios in the tiny cabinet I often find myself dreaming of an entire room dedicated to productivity and inspiration.

Here are some photos which inspire my daydreams and keep me excited about my ‘one day’ home office space.

What would your dream office space look like?

{ Custom built neon pink desk (obsessed) which lives in the ‘Real Simple’ editor, Kelly Carter, home }  reposted from http://littlebitsoflovely.blogspot.com/ 

{i love the clean lines and simplicity of this space, i might try to add some bright bold colors and eliminate the pink}  reposted from ‘theglitterguide.com’

{ Modern open office floor plan by Randy Weinstein } HGTV.com

{ bright! } http://www.paperfashion.net

kerriekelly.com }

{ absolutely love the natural light provided by the adjacent window }  www.decordemon.com

{ love the chevron floor treatment, would love it with a lighter color, perhaps a white wash which allowed more reveal of the natural wood grain } http://www.decordemon.com

{ silver ceiling? } HGTV.com

{ could be workable in a small space, or in a bedroom } http://www.annstreetstudio.com

{ rustic chic } www.milkandhoneyhome.com

 {saved the best for last } http://www.decor8blog.com