first came love…

“there is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved” | George Sands

Dominic and Noreen Scaperotti – July 21, 2012

On July 21 2012 I had the opportunity to part take in two becoming one at my cousins beautiful wedding. (they both looked like supermodels…setting the bar pretty high since it was the first wedding in the family!)

I was cast with the role of adding some flare to the day by creating escort cards and table markers.

Being the person I am, I of course could not take the easy way out!  I decided to build things, and customize graphics to fit on tiny little scalloped cards.  I spent hours sitting at my desk nudging font up, down and side-to-side and spent even longer changing the Kerning on each and every name so that each and every card had the same appearance, no name too long and no name too short.  Since I am a total nerd, I drafted plans for the structure in AutoCAD (computer aided design program) which would hold the escort cards and then brought the plans to home depot to buy wood.  Of course the guys there looked at me like crazy…because I had detailed and dimensioned plans showing them the sizes of wood and types of cuts that i needed for the ‘escort card frame’ I was building…needless to say they had never heard of an escort card.  Anyways-I got the wood I needed and went on to build the structure (with help from AR) which I then strung with wire and hung the tags from with tiny-eensy-weensy clothes pins. I then fashioned table markers out of mason jars, tea lights and dainty twine bows.

So it was the night before the wedding and I sat there satisfied with my creations when I realized I had NEVER seen the venue…what if the designs I chose didn’t fit in? I created a rustic/beach theme…what if the venue turned out to the crisp and clean with marble floors?  That would never fit.

Well lucky me..because when I arrived the next morning to set up I found one of the most beautiful, sun-kissed rustic old rooms I had ever seen!  The sun streamed through the windows and created an ambiance of warmth and love.  The wood beams and rafters strung across the floating, vaulted ceiling…I was really stunned at how beautiful the room was.

The day continued into night and everything to follow was perfectly tasteful.  The whole event followed that same warm love felt ambiance that I experienced when I walked into the room.  There was not a dry eye in the room during the first dance as my cousin twirled and dipped his WIFE, dancing and spinning in the pool of warmth that the sun had cast over the dance floor.  I have to say it was one of the best events I have ever been to!  Great food, wonderfully design space and beautiful people!  Did I mention that my Aunt (mother of the groom) made an ENTIRE table full of gorgeously mouth-watering desert to be put in little to go containers as the wedding favor?  Lets just say she may very well be the BEST baker I have ever met.

Not to mention I got some good use of my brand new ‘Olympus EP3 camera’…