“magic is something you make.” | Anonymous

Society6 is my new bestfriend.

This website allows designers/artists and doodlers of the like to create and sell designs which are submitted to the site and applied to phone cases, t-shirts, laptop cases and canvases.  This site has opened the flood gates for people like me who spend free time designing graphics as a creative outlet.

Society also allows you to customize your own ‘shop’.  I just finished a banner/logo for my Etsy Shop (in the works) so I will be using that .

The ability to use the same name and logo on Society as I will be using on Etsy and hopefully on my own website give the ability for me to develop the brand which I hope will some day blossom!  So far Society6 is nothing but awesome, although there is not much room for profit (10% to the designer for each sale), I am still so excited about the opportunity to have my designs out there for people to see!

Here are some of my designs for sale thus far. (click on the photo to be directed to the posting on Society 6)














| Newport Prep|














| Mountain HD |














| Imperfection|















{Do yourself a favor and waste some time on Society6}