the art of biking

“Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”  | Albert Einstein

I recently stumbled upon this You Tube video of Daniel MacAskill biking in an abandoned industrial steel yard.  I was convinced that the stunts in this video were assisted or dubbed in some way, but after watching a few more times and doing some google-ing I realized that this guy is for real.  AMAZING!

The cinematography gives the video a more sophisticated vibe than your usual extreme sport film.  It was directed by Stu Thomson of CutMedia for a documentary titled ‘concrete circus’.

Danny MacAsckill originally made his big break just 2 years ago at age 23 when he released a video of himself biking to Band of Horses “the funeral”. This is by far his most famous video, 27,631,621 views today. (Ironic that when this video was originally released it was posted by “inspired bycicles”.

The music  from the Industrial Steel yard is by Ben Howard. (below).  The song is called ” the wolves”, the lyrics could not be more fitting.

ben howard. - Photo of Ben HowardBen Howard

This video reminded me that inspiration can be found is some pretty interesting places.