getting into the swing of things.

“the days are long enough for those who use them.” | Leonardo Da Vinci

So having settled into the schedule of the real world…)which requires much more sleep than the schedule of a college student)…I have realized that I need something to do on the Monday through Thursday evenings that I am too tired to leave the house.

I occasionally motivate myself to workout but later in the evening I find myself plunked in front of the TV wasting the few hours I have of freedom during the work week. I was thinking about something I could do that would allow me to relax but would not include the computer or the TV and I thought of how much I used to love making jewelry.

When I came to college I stopped making Jewelry because it wasn’t really the environment for it, and really I had no money or space for it!  I remembered how much I used to love making things with my mom and aunt and I got excited that maybe I could get back into it.

SO i came up with a few ideas, and for anyone who knows me I tend to come up with idea and need to act on it immediately.  I guess the definition for that would be ‘compulsive’ but I like to think of it as ‘ highly motivated’.  But moving on, I started thinking of selling the jewelry I could make and blah blah blah it goes on from there.

Along the way I looked into making an ‘ETSY’ account. For those of you that do not know what ‘ETSY’ is – its a great website that allows people to sell and buy handmade art, jewelry, homegoods, furniture- anything really!

In looking through the website I ended up browsing and then next thing you know it- I am spending 3 hours looking at peoples work.  There are some amazingly talented people on ETSY- Needless to say I was inspired. And I wanted to share some of the work I found with you, because these people really do need some recognition.

rumi quote wall box.ceramic heart.

  hand made ceramic pieces | mb art studios

Spoon Ring, Antique Silverware Jewelry,  La Vigne 1908

california spoon rings


Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Bracelet, Inspiratioanl Quote Jewelry, Live Laugh Love, Yoga Wrap, SIlver Toggle Clasphappygolicky\

AIR - Coffee Table/ Side Tables

FINGERPRINT - coffee table


Wood Grain Bed of Steel and Cedar


bridesmaid purse your own

wedding decoration upcycled art

wreath. home decor,  wedding decoration