all good things

” a misty morning does not signify a cloudy day” | ancient proverb

This weekend my mom came to visit. Whenever someone come’s into town it makes me realize that I live in the middle of Newport RI, one of the most sought after tourist attractions in the country…i think living and working here makes me numb to all this beautiful town has to offer…and this weekend I let myself make the best of the Newport experience.  We had a sunny saturday which of course led to a beach trip..and a rainy sunday which inspired a vineyard tour and rainy stroll through the ‘Sachuset Point Wildlife Refuge’ (which we found by driving too far down the wrong road…gotta love when that happens).

The refuge was more than a pleasant surprise.  Due to he rain there were brightly colored snails with beautiful yellow, green and brown swirls and rings. We even found 2 rows of solar panels among the wild flower meadow.

There was waterfront dining, pizza making, nature walking, sun soaking, shade sitting, iced coffee drinking and wine sipping…does it get any better?

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